Our Miniature French Bulldog Studs

Our studs are some of the finest and most well known Miniature French Bulldog studs in the world. We have an amazing track record of producing the healthiest and most magnificent offspring.
death row lilac tan french bulldog stud

Death Row is the first registered lilac/tan Miniature French Bulldog stud in the World. He is the son of the world famous Bay Area’s Leroy now residing in China. Death Row stands at 17lbs and extremely small for a lilac/tan Miniature French Bulldog. He is ideal to produce Miniature French Bulldogs and open to the public for service. Death Row’s DNA is ata bb dd, no brindle, one pied. 

Pocket Change Micro French Bulldog

Pocket Change is the first Miniature French Bulldog that carries a rare strain of chocolate (testable "b"). Pocket is 20lbs, lilac/tan carrying one copy of testable "b". His head type is perfect with quality structure. He is a Mikimoto son and will contribute greatly to the future of our Miniature Frenchie program. Pocket Change is open for public service. 

Hush Money the Isabella French Bulldog

Hush Money is the first Isabella/Tan Miniature French Bulldog in the World. Hush is 18lbs and isabella/tan in color. This isabella stud does not lack anything! Bone, Head, and Type are impeccable. His phenotype is of the highest quality compared to any French Bulldog of any color. Hush is will be the most influential Miniature French Bulldog Stud of our lifetime. He is poised to produce many "Hush Puppies". Hush Money is open for public service. 

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