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Why is my Puppy drinking so much water?

Every Puppy gets thirsty just like we do. Especially after a nice long walk, a burst of play in the backyard, or a hot day. This does result in an excess of gulping down a bowl of water, which is completely normal. However, drinking large amounts of water on a regular basis could be a cause for concern. 

A few health issues are associated with drinking large amounts of water. To name a few: kidney disease, hypercalcemia, high calcium in their blood, diabetes mellitus, and pyometra (a uterine infection commonly found in unswayed females). 

 Keep an eye on your Puppy’s intake, health issues are always best caught in their early stages. If you are concerned, it’s always better to be safe than sorry! A check up at the vet can avoid any health concerns you may have about your puppy. 

If your Puppy gets a clean bill of health and continues to drink a lot of water, no fear. Puppies are creatures of habit and routine. It could simply be that, a habit. Regularly letting your puppy

out for a potty break is highly recommended. Holding it in can result in discomfort, urinary tract infections, kidney issues, and of course, household accidents.

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