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Maltipoos Potty training guide & schedule

A top task that a pet owner is responsible for when getting a new Malitpoo is potty training. While Maltipoos potty training takes time and effort, the process should run smoothly if certain steps are taken.

Usually, dogs want their nest to be clean. The basics for Puppy potty training starts in the nest with their mother because usually, the mother dog keeps the nest environment clean for the first few weeks of a puppies life. As soon as puppies are more independent, they get their business done outside of the nest.

When Should Maltipoo Potty Training Begin?

Since the goal of potty training is to ensure that your dog doesn’t use the bathroom in your home, you likely want to do this right away. From the very first day that you bring your cute little Maltipoo puppy home, you should start potty training.

Steps to Take for Potty Training

Trading pads/ Newspapers: The newspaper or training pad trick is an old, trusted method to use at the beginning of Maltipoo potty training. This teaches your dog to go in the same spot and prevents them from going in very inconvenient places (like a nice rug or their bed). Place newspapers on the floor or training pee pads around your house on the floors, especially close to the doors to outside.

  • Pay attention: Pay close attention to when your puppy is going to pee or poop. Try to notice it coming in advance by being aware of your Frenchie sniffing around, turning in circles in one spot, or leaving your eyesight especially after a meal or rest time.

  • Be quick: When it appears that your pup needs to go to the bathroom, lure it outside and accompany it. You can walk it to a place that you later want him to pee or poop regularly. Always give treats immediately (carry treats with you) when your dog goes to the bathroom outside.

  • Use a command: You can further the training on using a specific bathroom location but saying a command (such as ‘go potty’) when they do use the bathroom outside. Use treats and praise to train your dog to respond to the command.

  • Be regular: From the start of having your puppy, regularly take it outside even if it doesn’t appear that it needs to use the bathroom. For a young puppy, every one to two hours is appropriate. Give it time to use the bathroom and reward it as soon as it happens. This will encourage your dog to recognize that using the bathroom outside is a desired behavior.

  • Don’t encourage playtime: Your Maltipoo will likely be excited to play outside when they go. In the beginning, when you are trying to teach them to potty here, leave it at a bathroom break only at least several times a day. Once they go to the bathroom and you use the command word or phrase, reward it and go inside immediately. Once they can go on command often, then playing while on a potty break is perfectly okay.

  • Change up location: While you want to train your dog to use the bathroom outside close to home, you want it to be okay going in several places. Over time, walk your dog further or to different areas outside to teach it that it can go in more than one place as long it’s outside on the grass. This will make life easier when visiting new places.

Potty Training Schedule

The following schedule can be used as a guideline for the number of times you have to go outside with your Maltipoo puppy. An 8-week old puppy pees when he is awake approximately every two hours and poops three to six times a day. As the puppy grows older, the time that he can hold his poop and pee increases. While this schedule can be very useful to follow, it’s important to take notice of your puppy and act on his behavior. All dogs are different.

Dog’s Age Can Hold Pee For Minimum Times Going Outside Per 24 Hours

8 Weeks 2 Hours 12 times

12 Weeks 3-4 Hours 6-8 times

16 Weeks 4-5 Hours 5-6 times

20 Weeks 5-6 Hours 4- 5 times

6 Months 6-8 Hours 3-4 times

7 Months 12 Hours 3 times

If your feeding your 12week puppy 1/2 cup of food at 7:00pm and expecting him to make it to the morning to go back out... this simply will not work. Instead try feeding at 5:00pm to be able to go out multiple times before final kennel/bed time.

There are many tricks to potty training. You could also go the bell training route with a little bit of YouTube video training you’ll be a pro in no time. Making sure your new maltipoo goes out regularly during the day and if having another potty trained pup in the family it will make life so much easier to follow the steps it takes on your life and the pups!

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