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Doodle Texas: Puppy Checklist

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

There’s nothing more exciting than bringing home a new puppy!

What is supposed to be an exhilarating, action-packed day can quickly go south if you haven’t made the necessary preparations.

The first few days at their new home are the most stressful and it’s essential that you make the process as stress-free as possible while they acclimate to their new environment.

Your new puppy will require much more attention than an adult dog would! Your puppy is still a baby at this point, and it’s important that you keep them supervised 24/7.

Before they arrive

As I said before, a little bit of preparation goes a long ways. You’ll want to stock up on the essentials so you can spend less time running back and forth to the pet store and more time with your puppy.

Work with your family and devise a set of rules for your Maltipoo that you all can agree on. Consistency is one of the important factors when it comes to training a dog, so make sure your entire family is on the same page with training and discipline. You want your expectations for your Maltipoo to be clear and consise.

Check list


  1. Harness & Leash

  2. Identification Tag

  3. Toys (lots of chewing toys for puppies)

  4. Food & Water bowls

  5. Toothbrush

  6. Training treats

  7. A comfy bed/ crate

  8. Stain Remover

  9. Puppy pads

  10. Puppy shampoo Oatmeal based

Securing your home

Puppies are notorious for chewing everything around the house bar none. Whatever they find left on the ground is fair play in their eyes.

You’ll want to puppy-proof every inch of your house. We don’t want anything that could make your new Doodle sick!

You’ll want to scour the house looking for anything potentially hazardous to your puppy.

Electrical cords, choking hazards, shoes, etc. should be temporarily moved as your puppy is teething.

You have to be conscious of any dangling cords that your Doodle could potentially trip over, knocking over a lamp or worse.

Picking up your puppy

Before making the trip to pick up your puppy, you’ll want to make preparations for the car ride home.

Your puppy is likely to be scared and overwhelmed with the whole experience so you’ll want to make this go as smooth as possible. You don’t want your new Doodle to despise car rides! Make them feel comfortable!

Bringing a new puppy home sure is tiring! Doodle Texas let’s you know all of this information beforehand. With a little bit of preparation, you’ll be able to make the whole process go a bit smoother.

Searching for the prefect Doodle? Text 940-372-8299 for puppy availability!

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