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Maltipoo Teeth Care

Maltipoo Teeth Care

Without receiving proper dental care, some problems things can spiral into serious issues. Just as with human teeth, having uncleaned or improperly cleaned teeth will start a snowball of events. Brushing teeth on a regular basis will help prevent the following from happening:

  • Plaque and tarter will begin to form layers on a Maltipoo's teeth

  • If not properly cleaned, it will begin to form at the gumline

  • Deep gum disease will then set in

  • The gums and down into the jaw bones will then be affected;

  • Teeth can become loose, roots can become exposed and severe pain may set it.

When Emergency Dental Care is Needed

There will be many varying circumstances in which you may have a Maltipoo that is in need of emergency professional dental care:

  • You may have an adopted Maltipoo, from an animal shelter, and that shelter may not have been able to afford proper care for your dog's teeth.

  • Your Maltipoo may have had previous owners who did not perform cleanings as needed.

  • You may have not realized the importance of cleanings and scrapings and are now just learning of this. The years of neglecting the teeth have lead to decay.

Both the Poodle and the Maltese (and therefore the Maltipoo) should have a "scissors bite" in which the bite is level - the incisor teeth in the upper jaw are in contact with but slightly overlap those in bottom jaw.

If any of the above is the case for your Maltipoo, you will want to look in his or her mouth for "red flag" signs that immediate, professional care is needed:

  • Bumps or sores (of any color) are present on the gums

  • Blood comes out from the gum area even with a gentle touch

  • A tooth (or teeth) are loose (and your Maltipoo has all of their adult teeth)

  • Your Maltipoo seems to have trouble chewing...he or she may avoid food, or chew very cautiously.

  • A yellow "crust" has formed on a tooth or teeth

If you are not currently following a regular schedule of caring for your Maltipoo's teeth or if you have just gotten a puppy, you will want to begin in small steps...A Maltipoo needs to get used to having their teeth touched and brushed. There are several methods to clean your dog's teeth, however all involve touching them and a Maltipoo usually needs time to get used to the feeling of having this done.

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